History of the Surf Club

Passion is what started the Arugam Bay Surf Club in 2000, and has played a huge role in keeping it alive till today. Founded by Arugam Bay locals, Johnson and Ranjan, the club took off with a hope to spread their love of surfing as well as to meet needs in their local community. As the first active surf club in Sri Lanka, their love for the sport drove them: whether they had a board or they were surfing on a piece of plywood from the nearest catamaran, nothing could take these young men away from the water. 2002 was the year the club took off, after a friend named Ralph donated two boards to the boys. Even after the 2004 tsunami devastated the Arugam Bay community, the club played a role in rebuilding the area through school projects, beach cleanups and teaching swimming classes. Many have helped the club over the years: Sam, journalist Will from the UK, Kay Holt and Janine Weeradhunga who put on the first surf contest for the boys, Saman, Favas, Krish, Vijay, and Tim Tanton who also gave many boards and partnered with the club after the tsunami. In 2011 the club started ISA training with Australian Aid, and have since certified many surf instructors.

 What We Do

Currently, the Arugam Bay Surf Club is not only active in the sport of surfing, but also in the community. The club provides surf lessons, helps to organize surf tournaments such as the Arugam Bay Classic Surf Competitions, WQS Event, Red Bull Ride My Wave, and the British Surfing Association. They also support the Arugam Bay Girls Surf Club, and their community through beach cleanups, cleaning surrounding schools, and providing for their families. Three of it’s members were on the podium for the first national surfing competition in Sri Lanka, as well as in India for national athletics. They continue on with hopes to support their community, to raise up national champions, and to encourage others with their same shared passion for this incredible sport we call surfing.

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